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Why I chose to be a mediator

I chose the path as a mediator, and sometimes I feel the path chose me, since from an early age I have been a problem-solver and have been blessed with strong communication skills – two of the most important skills needed to be an effective mediator.


In later life I have personally gone through the struggles of divorce and the court system in Israel and I felt there had to be a better way to resolve these conflicts than in a confrontational courtroom atmosphere. Professional mediation, now an accepted and court-mandated part of the divorce proceedings, can be the best solution.


What mediation is all about

I know that so many people prefer to resolve a dispute, any kind of dispute, in an environment that offers them the opportunity to really discuss, explain and be heard by the other party.  This is the what mediation is all about.  The mediation process allows each party to understand and take responsibility for their actions and thus come to a resolution that can satisfy both parties and – at the same time - avoid wasting time, money and anguish by going through the legal system.  

What I do

Through my mediation and dispute resolution methods, I help people find a middle ground to resolve many of the heated and sometimes heartbreaking problems we face at challenging times in our lives.


​Along with my skills as a mediator, I also bring my Hebrew and English language skills to help Olim and those with limited Hebrew knowledge navigate through the Israeli court system.  Let me help you with your cases in Small claims court, Family court and Civil court.  As well as help you with divorce, wills, prenups and parenting agreements.  Contact me today.

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